Boys’ Memphis: Graceland and Graceland!

Propagande / mercredi, avril 25th, 2018

What did you enjoy the most in Memphis?

In each city we visit I ask the boys to present one thing they liked. Usually, Leo has to write a text, in English or French, and Tom draw it and write a word or a short sentence. Here is what they thought about Memphis.

Leo in Memphis

I enjoy the most Graceland.

I liked the audio guided tour. I learned about Elvis. I saw Elvis Meditation Garden and Elvis Mansion.


Tom and Memphis

This time, I realized an interview with Tom to know what he prefered in Memphis. Here is the transcript:

Mom: Tom, what did you enjoy the most in Memphis?

Tom: Graceland

Mom: Why?

Tom: Because

Mom: Because, why?

Tom: Because it was beautiful


Mom: Which room did you prefer?

Tom: Jungle room

Mom: What was in the Jungle room?

Tom: A monkey?

Mom: And what was the color of the room?

Tom: Green…. and black


Mom: Would you go back to Graceland someday?

Tom: Yes!

Mom: Which museum did you prefer except the Mansion? The army museum, de car’s, the air planes?

Tom: The air planes

To read Leo’s article, here they are. For Tom’s contribution, click here.

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